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Create An AI Twin of You

Do you want to create a video similar to this one?

This guide will show you how to create a digital twin of yourself.

Follow the instructions below. The whole process takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Advice: Before we get started, we recommend that you register on HeyGen using a device equipped with a camera, ideally a phone or a laptop/PC with a camera.

1. Go to HeyGen and Create an Account

Go to HeyGen and create your account. Remember to use a device equipped with a camera, enabling you to record yourself effectively. The higher the camera quality, the better.

2. Select Instant Avatar

3. Read the instructions

To achieve more realistic results, while recording yourself, stay still, look at the camera, and close your mouth for 1-2 seconds after finishing each sentence.

I suggest improvising while talking instead of reading from a script. This way, you’ll be able to keep your eyes focused on the camera.

4. Record Video

Record 2 minutes of yourself talking to the camera. It doesn’t matter what are you talking about. The AI will learn how to mimich your talking.

I recorded the video several times and chose the one that I speak the most clearly and have good pauses between sentences.

While you have the option to record a shorter video, lasting 30 to 60 seconds, be aware that this may slightly reduce the realism of your AI avatar.

5. Record Video consent and upload it.

You have to record a video of you reading the following text provided by HeyGen:

I, John Doe (your name), hereby declare that I authorize HeyGen to use the footage of me to
build the HeyGen Avatar and use it in my HeyGen account.

Unfortunately, this step is mandatory to confirm and authorize HeyGen’s use of your video recording for creating a virtual version of yourself.

Because, who doesn’t enjoy signing some paperwork.

6. Generate video

After you recorded the 2 videoс, you need to wait 3-4 Minutes until your digital twin is generated.

The final step is to create a video where your avatar reads from a script you provided.

Write any script that you want. A joke preferrably 🙂

You have the ability to preview the audio of your future video, but a visual preview is not available until after submission. Write your script and use the play buttons to listen to the audio output. Should any part sound unnatural, feel free to revise it for a more seamless presentation. Once satisfied with the result, locate and press the submit button situated in the upper right corner to proceed.

And that’s it. Just wait a couple of minutes and be prepared to be amazed.


Overall, HeyGet is an easy to use tool that creates high-quality and realistic videos. The lip sync is amazing and the voice output is realistic. It can even create videos in different languages without the need to record another sample in a different language.

At first, it’s kind of wierd to watch your AI self speak and it’s hard to recognize it is a generated video. Imagine what the future holds.

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