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Business idea 6: Profit From AI Generated E-Books

E book generation guide

This 4-step guide shows you how to effortlessly create an e-book in 5 minutes and profit from its sales.

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas

To boost e-book sales, it’s crucial to create content that sparks interest and curiosity. Use ChatGPTGemini or Microsoft Copilot to get creative ideas.

Additionally, explore ExplodingTopics to pick a trending topic. Being an early e-book creator in a hot area could lead to significant sales.

Step 2: Create your E-Book

  1. Go to AI E-Book Generator and register. 
  2. Provide a brief description, including the book’s title and the intended target audience.

For example, I created an e-book about the future of AI. Here’s how I described it:

Topic: Exploring the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Reader: 18-35, Young IT professionals with interest in new technologies.

The tool provides a preview of the e-book. To download the complete version, there’s a fee of $0.99

After payment, it takes about 5 minutes for them to send the full e-book to your email in PDF format.

Here’s an example of how the full e-book looks like.

Step 3: Edit the e-book

Review the e-book to ensure the information meets your standards.

Optionally, you can edit and refine the e-book using an online PDF editor.

You can further enhance your e-book by adding images. Use tools such as Ideogram or Image Creator for generating the supporting images.

Step 4: Sell your e-book

Publish your e-book on platforms like GumRoad or Etsy to tap into their established customer bases and increase sales. 

To further boost your sales, consider promoting your e-book on social media or investing in paid online advertising.

Here’s an example of a successful e-book:


  • Selling the e-book can be challenging if you’re not well-known or trusted.
  • The content generated might not match the quality of content created by human experts.
  • You may need to invest in additional marketing, such as social media promotion or paid online advertisements, to boost sales.

That’s it.

I hope you found this idea inspiring.

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