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3 Ways to Profit From GPTs

OpenAI has just released the GPT Store, and this is one of the biggest opportunities of 2024.

GPTs are customized versions of ChatGPT that specialize in performing specific tasks.

These GPTs have already been adopted by major companies like Shopify and Snapchat, and people are already making money from them, even without monetization from OpenAI.

1. Build GPTs and chatbots for businesses

  • Difficulty: High
  • Earning potential: High

Helping companies automate their businesses offers the highest earnings potential. However, this requires programming skills. These chatbots or GPTs will learn from the data of a specific company or product and perform automated actions.

For example:

  • GPTs that answer specific questions related to site documentation or contents.
  • Automate certain processes by connecting multiple services, such as Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, and more.
  • Gather news data, analyze stock performance, and suggest trading decisions.

I must note that the Assistants API is a more powerful tool for creating business automations compared to GPTs.

Platforms like Relevance AIVoiceflow and Make are the leaders in creating custom chatbots. Investing time to learn how to use them will give you the most benefits in the future.

Video guides:

2. Earn from the GPT Store revenue share

  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium
  • Earning potential: Low

The exact terms of the revenue share are still not available. OpenAI will announce them in the first quarter of 2024. Initially, the revenue sharing will be available only in the US. It is a good idea to get started now. However, due to the high competition, it is unlikely that this will be a highly profitable way to make money. Time will tell.

Video tutorials:

3. Develop GPTs as a freelancer

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Earning potential: Medium

Sign up on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or UpWork to offer custom GPT creation services. Earnings can range from $100 to $3000 per project, saving you the need for a website and marketing expenses while tapping into an established client base.

Video guides:

Tips on how to create unique GPTs

Here are tips on how to create higher-quality GPTs that will stand out and be better than 95% of the competition:

1. Come up with an original idea

Custom GPT creation is easy, and with over a million OpenAI users a surge in GPT Store releases is guaranteed.

“If it’s too easy to make, it’s likely someone else will do it as well”

To excel, your GPT must surpass 99% of them in quality.

1.1. Use your expertise

Use your expertise in a specific field to create a niche GPT with unique data. While the store will abound with general GPTs, your specialized, knowledge-based GPT stands a greater chance of providing value, with the added advantage of reduced competition.

1.2 Get inspiration ideas

Look for insiration from existing GPTs. Avoid copying other ideas unless you know how to make them 10x better.

1.3 Use data that is not widely available

Leverage lesser-known data sources when using public APIs or ideally private datasets to develop your GPT applications. This strategy will minimize competition and enhance the uniqueness of your GPT offering.

2. Create good prompt instructions

Create a prompt that implements your idea and refine it as much as possible. When you think it’s ready, ask several friends to test it and provide feedback on how it could be improved.

3. Add unique knowledge

Adding custom data in the form of a pdf, text or json file will make your GPT unique. You can copy paste information from a website, YouTube transcript and paste it into text file, that you upload as a knowledge base to the GPT. A maximum of 10 files is allowed for upload.

4. Add Actions

What are actions?

Actions help you connect your GPT to external websites to receive data or perform “actions”. For example, you can link your GPT to social media, like Twitter, and post tweets directly from the GPT. Alternatively, you can connect it to a client’s private server and interact with it.

Helpful links:


1. OpenAI can take down your custom GPT. We already see GPTs beign removed without any reason from OpenAI. Unfortunately, this is a real rish you have to consider. To avoid it, don’t use copyright data or steal someones work.

2. You need ChatGPT subscription that costs $20 per month to be able to create GPTs.


The possibilities for creating custom GPTs are endless. The best way to take advantage of them is to use your unique knowledge and skills and incorporate them into a GPT. 

Let’s continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible together. Stay curious, stay inspired, and happy creating!

That’s all.

More to come soon!

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