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Prompt Hunt

Text to image generation tool using multiple models


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Image generation
Text to image
Prompt Hunt is a text to image app with a vast library of art assets, allowing customers to easily create unique images using the most popular image generation algorithms, like Stable diffusion, Dall-e, PhChroma 2 and Midjourney.
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👍 Advantages

  • High-quality of the generated images
  • Choose between PhChroma 2, Midjourney, Dall-e and Stable diffusion text-to-image models
  • Access to a large library of art assets
  • Can edit existing assets or combine them together

👎 Disadvantages

  • Midjourney prompts locked
  • No auctioning corner
  • May need editing

💰 Plans and pricing

  • Free
  • $1.99/month
  • $9.99/month

Open Source: 


Use cases

  • Creating social media graphics
  • Designing logos and branding materials
  • Creating marketing materials.

Target audience

  • Small teams
  • Artistic organizations

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