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Prem AI

Integrate custom AI into apps without sharing data


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Private business AI
Model fine-tuning
PremAI is a platform that enables users to integrate generative AI into their applications while maintaining full ownership and control over their intellectual capital. It allows developers to harness the maximum potential of AI effortlessly, even without deep expertise, by simplifying complex tasks such as prompt engineering, evaluation, and deployment. For businesses, PremAI offers customization options to fine-tune and train models according to their specific needs, ensuring flexibility and optimized performance.
Screenshot of the homepage of www.premai.io

AI tool Advantages icon Advantages

  • Independence from OpenAI
  • Simplifies prompt engineering, evaluation, RAG and other
  • Fine-tune and train models

AI tool disadvantages icon Disadvantages

  • Limited customization options
  • Steep learning curve
  • Dependence on open-source models

Plans and pricing icon Plans and pricing

  • Free
  • $20 per month
  • $200 per month

Open Source


Most suitable professions

Use cases

  • Train AI models on your data
  • Fine tune open-source AI models
  • Use AI privately without sharing data
  • Customize AI models

Target audience

  • Developers
  • Businesses
  • Researchers
  • Academic institutions
  • Financial sector professionals

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