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Search big files and retrieve information from them.


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Search information
Summarizing tool
Paragraphs makes it easy to find information in your scattered documentation by allowing you to upload documents, type questions, and retrieve the precise paragraph with the relevant information directly from your files, without the need to organize or categorize contents.
Screenshot of the homepage of paragraphs.pigro.ai

👍 Advantages

  • Retrieve precise paragraph answers
  • No need to organize or tag
  • Import all types of files

👎 Disadvantages

  • Scattered documentation and silos
  • Need to keep files organized
  • Copy and paste management

💰 Plans and pricing

Free trial

Open Source: 


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Research and development teams can quickly retrieve specific information from their extensive documentation
  • Customer service representatives can easily access relevant information to better assist customers
  • Sales teams can quickly find and organize product information to share with potential clients
  • Individuals can use the tool to manage personal documents and research for projects


Paragraphs uses natural language processing to retrieve specific paragraphs from uploaded documents, making it highly accurate and efficient. Users can type natural language questions and receive precise answers in the form of relevant paragraphs.

Target audience

  • Individuals with scattered documentation and silos of information
  • Teams who need to quickly find and organize relevant information from their documents
  • Businesses of all sizes that want to streamline their knowledge management processes


Paragraphs is compatible with Microsoft Office and PDF file formats. It may not be compatible with non-Microsoft Office and non-PDF file formats.

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