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Open Interpreter

Control your computer through natural language commands


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Open Interpreter is a tool that allows users to execute code locally on their computers using natural language descriptions. It is an open-source project that brings the power of language models to your local machine.
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👍 Advantages

  • Image to code support
  • Execute code one line at a time and see the results immediately
  • Suitable to novice programmers
  • Detailed error messages

👎 Disadvantages

  • Misinterpretation of instructions
  • Slower execution speed
  • The desktop app is yet to be released

💰 Plans and pricing

  • Free and open-source software

Open Source: 


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Interact with computers using natural language commands, similar to having a conversation with the machine.
  • Automated Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Converting files
  • Turning images into videos
  • Generating QR codes
  • Analyzing stock
  • Graphing public data
  • Language analysis

Target audience

  • Developers
  • Junior developers
  • AI enthusiasts
  • App builders

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