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Nvidia Broadcast

Podcast assistant tool


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Noise removal
Podcast assistant
NVIDIA Broadcast is a powerful podcast assistant for transforming any room into a home studio, providing AI-enhanced voice and video for live streams, voice chats, and video conference calls, with features like noise and echo removal and customizable backgrounds. However, users have reported issues with software crashes and interference with other programs, despite its impressive performance when working properly.

👍 Advantages

  • AI-enhanced noise and echo removal
  • Easy background customization with AI greenscreen effects
  • Transform any room into a home studio

👎 Disadvantages

  • Software crashes frequently
  • Interferes with OBS
  • Requires frequent restarts

💰 Plans and pricing


Open Source


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Remove unwanted background noise and echo with AI technology
  • Customize your webcam background with AI greenscreen effects
  • Improve voice and video quality for live streams, voice chats, and video conference calls


Excellent when it works, but has frequent crashes and issues with interfering with other software.

Target audience

  • Content creators
  • Live streamers
  • Video conference call participants


Compatible with NVIDIA® RTX video cards

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