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notta ai
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Notta AI

Transcribe and summarize audio and video recordings.


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Audio transcription
Video transcription
Notta AI is a powerful tool that utilizes high-precision speech recognition and AI summarization features to transcribe and summarize 1 hour of audio in just 5 minutes. It simplifies the creation of meeting minutes for negotiations and web conferences, enhancing information sharing efficiency.
Screenshot of the homepage of www.notta.ai

AI tool Advantages icon Advantages

  • Works across like desktops, mobile devices, and browsers
  • Integrates with popular platforms such as Notta, Nightfall, Canva, and Calendly
  • Offers relatively affordable paid plans

AI tool disadvantages icon Disadvantages

  • Summaries can be generic and lack a distinct perspective
  • The Notion AI add-on is not free to use
  • Requires a learning curve to master the platform effectively

Plans and pricing icon Plans and pricing

  • Free
  • $14.99 per month
  • $27.99 per month

Open Source


Most suitable professions

YouTube video Video

Use cases

  • Transcribing audio or video files
  • Transcribing meetings, interviews
  • Summarizing meetings or interviews
  • Brainstorming ideas for content creation.
  • Generating meeting summaries with key action items.
  • Translating content into different languages for accessibility.
  • Creating video scripts efficiently.
  • Enhancing productivity by automating transcription and summarization processes.

Target audience

  • Professionals attending numerous meetings seeking efficient meeting summary solutions.
  • Teams looking to streamline post-meeting workflows and enhance productivity.
  • Individuals and organizations in need of accurate and quick transcription and summarization services.

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