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Efficient NLP analysis with user-friendly interface.


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Text analysis
Emotion analysis
Lettria makes working with text easy. It helps organize text data quickly and with teamwork. You can create a personalized language understanding system without any coding. It also makes the most out of your data.
Screenshot of the homepage of lettria.com

AI tool Advantages icon Advantages

  • Efficient pre-trained modules
  • Responsive and dependable team
  • User-friendly interface

AI tool disadvantages icon Disadvantages

  • Requires prior knowledge of NLP
  • Initial onboarding can be rough
  • Frequent new features can be disorienting

Plans and pricing icon Plans and pricing

  • Free trial
  • Ask for pricing

Open Source


Most suitable professions

YouTube video Video

Use cases

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Emotion analysis
  • Language detection


Efficient, accurate, and user-friendly platform for NLP tasks with excellent sentiment and emotion analysis capabilities.

Target audience

  • Users who need efficient pre-trained modules for sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, and language detection
  • Users who want a user-friendly platform with no coding required
  • Users who do not have prior knowledge or skills in AI or data science
  • Users who need to analyze and process large amounts of text data

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