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Install chatGPT on your computer and use it without internet


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Conversational AI
Offline chatbot
Install ChatGPT on your local computer to interact with the chatbot offline, without an internet connection. GPT4All is an open-source platform, allowing everyone to access the source code. It provides a range of open-source AI models such as LLama, Dolly, Falcon, and Vicuna. The platform is free, offers high-quality performance, and ensures that your interactions remain private and not shared with anyone.

👍 Advantages

  • Easy install with a wizard
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Private. Your data is safe
  • Open source and free
  • No internet connection required

👎 Disadvantages

  • Not as good as ChatGPT4

💰 Plans and pricing

  • Free and open-source

Open Source: 


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Privately interact with a chatbot
  • Use chatbot without an Internet
  • Experiment with different open-source AI models
  • Run a chatbot on an old or slow computer

Target audience

  • Privacy focused individuals
  • People with bad internet connection
  • Open-source lovers
  • AI researchers and experimenters
  • Machine Learning students


Windows, Mac OS and Linux with easy installation.

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