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Virtual try-on for beauty and fashion


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Virtual Try-On
Online shopping
GlamAR is AI tool that enables customers to try on makeup, skincare products, and other beauty and fashion items virtually. The platform uses advanced technology to track the user’s face and superimpose digital products onto their real-time reflection, allowing them to see how they would look with different products before making a purchase. GlamAR’s virtual try-on solution is designed for beauty and cosmetic brands, allowing them to integrate the technology into their websites or apps.
Screenshot of the homepage of www.glamar.io

AI tool Advantages icon Advantages

  • Uses your camera to immediately try-on products
  • Ability to integrate in e-commerce sites
  • Wide integration solutions and SDK support

AI tool disadvantages icon Disadvantages

  • Limited to clothing, beauty and accessory products
  • Requires technical implementation

Plans and pricing icon Plans and pricing

  • Ask for pricing

Open Source


Most suitable professions

Use cases

  • Virtual Makeup Try-On
  • Try how an online product looks on you

Target audience

  • Beauty brands
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Beauty and fashion industries

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