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Email writing assistance browser extension.


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Email writing
Email assistant
Flowrite is a game changer in the productivity space, helping users save time and write well-crafted emails, making it a highly recommended tool.
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👍 Advantages

  • Saves time writing emails
  • Works for multiple platforms
  • Helpful for email drafting

👎 Disadvantages

  • Requires Chrome extension installation
  • Signup only with Google account
  • Signup flow feels like contact harvesting

💰 Plans and pricing

  • 14 day free trial
  • €15 per month – Monthly
  • €12 per month – Yearly

Open Source: 


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Drafting sales pitches
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Following up with prospects
  • Sending out newsletters or other marketing materials
  • Improving internal communications within a team or organization


Flowrite performs well and produces accurate suggestions based on the context and tone of the user’s message. However, its accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the message and the user’s writing style.

Target audience

  • Individuals and teams who frequently communicate via email
  • Salespeople
  • Marketers
  • Recruiters
  • Other professionals who rely on email as a primary means of communication


Flowrite is compatible with a range of email clients, including Gmail and Outlook. It can also be used as a web app or as a Chrome extension.

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