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Booom Ai

Fun AI generated trivia game for team competitions.


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Corporate trivia
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This trivia game allows players to choose their own topics, adding a fun and exciting level of stress in a team setting, while the design and aesthetic make it perfect for generating quality questions and creating a joyful atmosphere.
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👍 Advantages

  • Fun from the start
  • Choose your own topic
  • Great design and aesthetic

👎 Disadvantages

  • Possible stress from choosing own topic

💰 Plans and pricing


Open Source: 


🎞️ Video

Use cases

  • Create custom trivia games with personalized topics
  • Quickly start team competitions
  • Generate high-quality trivia questions for company events
  • Enjoy playing a fun and aesthetically pleasing game

Target audience

  • Team building event organizers
  • Trivia enthusiasts
  • Corporate employees

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